fbanswer - Recent questions https://fbanswer.com/questions Powered by Question2Answer What is GPU average temperature for gaming? https://fbanswer.com/100/gpu-average-temperature-gaming <img src="https://scontent.fslv1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t39.30808-6/p526x296/220460386_1442691989428403_6968316343153686599_n.jpg?_nc_cat=103&amp;ccb=1-3&amp;_nc_sid=825194&amp;_nc_ohc=D4T5JqWgdwUAX-k8-Yl&amp;tn=AlMh-EbL-ASnvXQY&amp;_nc_ht=scontent.fslv1-1.fna&amp;oh=9be8127316bfd8aeff5d26f6c3f157e4&amp;oe=60F9B809" alt="image"><span style="color: rgb(5, 5, 5); font-family:">I would like to know that what is the average temperature of GPU for gaming. I am totally new with GPU and gaming. While playing game I notice that my GPU is gone to 71%. I am afraid that is it good for my machine or not? </span> Windows Support https://fbanswer.com/100/gpu-average-temperature-gaming Mon, 19 Jul 2021 17:05:53 +0000 I have a dell machine, I’m trying to figure out if it has a tpm or ptt https://fbanswer.com/98/dell-machine-figure-tpm-ptt <p>I have a dell 3847 machine with me. I want to know that from where I can find that it has a tmp or ptt in it.&nbsp;</p><div><br></div><div>In current I am using Windows 10 and need to upgrade it to Windows 11.</div><div><br></div><div>Thanks for solution in advance.</div> Windows Support https://fbanswer.com/98/dell-machine-figure-tpm-ptt Sat, 17 Jul 2021 18:39:28 +0000 I have a dell 3847 system, I’m trying to figure out if it has a TPM or PTT https://fbanswer.com/99/dell-3847-system-figure-tpm-ptt <p>I have a dell 3847 system with Windows 10 installed in it and i want to update it to Windows 11.</p><div><br></div><div>I want to know that from where i can figure out if it has a TPM or PTT in it.</div> Windows Support https://fbanswer.com/99/dell-3847-system-figure-tpm-ptt Sat, 17 Jul 2021 18:39:26 +0000 THIS IS A TEST SUPPORT https://fbanswer.com/90/test-support <p>Hello this is a post for checking the link errors.</p><div><br></div><div><a href="https://fbanswer.com/ask" rel="dofollow">https://fbanswer.com/ask</a></div><div><br></div><div><a href="https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/cannot-send-messages" rel="nofollow">https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/cannot-send-messages</a></div> Windows Support https://fbanswer.com/90/test-support Tue, 29 Jun 2021 14:41:17 +0000 Login to server imap.iprimus.com.au with username @iprimus.com.au failed. https://fbanswer.com/67/login-server-imap-iprimus-au-username-%40iprimus-au-failed After update the Thunderbird the error message displays that Login to server imap.iprimus.com.au with username &nbsp;---------- Emails are not allowed* failed.<br /> I just update the Thunderbird no changes have been made to settings. I restarted with add-ons disabled but this did not work for me.<br /> I also re-entered my password to see if it got fixed. But the message was same, now i don't know how to fix it up. Any ideas? Email Support https://fbanswer.com/67/login-server-imap-iprimus-au-username-%40iprimus-au-failed Mon, 28 Jun 2021 14:48:45 +0000 Crash Down : Thunderbird crashes and stops responding while clearing Trash Folder. https://fbanswer.com/66/crash-thunderbird-crashes-stops-responding-clearing-folder While I try to clear my Trash Folder in Thunderbird &nbsp;it got crashed and stops responding. Facing the problem from 6 to 7 days.<br /> It has also stops responding quit often while doing some other tasks like sending Emails or drafting Emails, I have to close the Thunderbird and then reopen it to do the task.<br /> Thanx Email Support https://fbanswer.com/66/crash-thunderbird-crashes-stops-responding-clearing-folder Mon, 28 Jun 2021 14:20:50 +0000 XML Parsing Error: undefined entity, not been able to open my Thunderbird. https://fbanswer.com/65/xml-parsing-error-undefined-entity-open-thunderbird Not been able to use Thunderbird since from 2 days.<br /> The error is: XML Parsing Error: undefined entity Location: chrome://messenger/content/messenger.xhtml Line Number 905, Column 3:<br /> <br /> Using OS : Windows 10 Email Support https://fbanswer.com/65/xml-parsing-error-undefined-entity-open-thunderbird Mon, 28 Jun 2021 14:05:54 +0000 Mozilla Thunderbird : Authentication Error https://fbanswer.com/64/mozilla-thunderbird-authentication-error My mail works fine but very often a pops up appears in lower right corner of the screen which shows an error<br /> (Error: Authentication error while connecting server imap.aol.com).<br /> Can't understand why this message / error pops up and how to get rid of it? I am using Mozilla Thunderbird 60.9. Email Support https://fbanswer.com/64/mozilla-thunderbird-authentication-error Mon, 28 Jun 2021 13:56:07 +0000 Unable to Login in Email account in Mozilla Thunderbird, shows error message login failed. https://fbanswer.com/63/unable-login-email-account-mozilla-thunderbird-message-failed Unable to use Mozilla Thunderbird from several months. Whenever I try to login it says that login to inbound att.net failed. Enter new password. I enter new password and the same error message comes again and again. Need help Email Support https://fbanswer.com/63/unable-login-email-account-mozilla-thunderbird-message-failed Mon, 28 Jun 2021 13:51:20 +0000 Google Chrome Error : Google Chrome automatically deleted after installation. https://fbanswer.com/62/google-chrome-google-automatically-deleted-installation Facing problem with google chrome in windows 8.1. Yesterday google chrome icon automatically disappeared form my windows desktop. When checked in Program and Features I found that there was no Google Chrome.<br /> <br /> When try to install it again on the windows, it got installed but as soon as it installed it got uninstalled automatically.<br /> <br /> Can't find the problem why Chrome is behaving like this. Any solution please Windows Support https://fbanswer.com/62/google-chrome-google-automatically-deleted-installation Sun, 27 Jun 2021 17:08:56 +0000 Why my Emails automatically disappearing / deleting form Mozilla Thunderbird? https://fbanswer.com/61/automatically-disappearing-deleting-mozilla-thunderbird Facing problem with emails with my Inbox. The older mails automatically got disappear / deleted form my Inbox, I don't know why?<br /> <br /> How can i fix that and recall all deleted / disappeared stuff back in Inbox.<br /> <br /> Using OS : Windows 10 Email Support https://fbanswer.com/61/automatically-disappearing-deleting-mozilla-thunderbird Sun, 27 Jun 2021 16:56:29 +0000 How can I automatically copy/transfer emails from sender or by the Title of email to my Folder in Mozilla Thunderbird? https://fbanswer.com/60/automatically-transfer-emails-sender-mozilla-thunderbird I had made different folders in my Mozilla Thunderbird. I manually copy the files in the folders I made. Now is there any option or process from where the emails/messages automatically copy/transfer to the folders I made in How can I automatically copy/transfer emails from a certain sender to my Folder in Mozilla Thunderbird.<br /> <br /> Copy / Transfer on the bases of sender email id or by the title words of the email. If its possible please tell the steps, it will reduce my load. Email Support https://fbanswer.com/60/automatically-transfer-emails-sender-mozilla-thunderbird Sun, 27 Jun 2021 15:17:33 +0000 Mozilla Thunderbird : How to switch from POP3 to IMAP where two different Email account exists? https://fbanswer.com/59/mozilla-thunderbird-switch-pop3-imap-email-account-exists I am working with two Email account in Mozilla Thunderbird and want to switch one of my Email account from POP3 to IMAP with no modification to my second account.<br /> <br /> I have not done this earlier that why I need help. Please comment if it can be done with complete process of switching from POP3 to IMAP. Thanks in advance. Email Support https://fbanswer.com/59/mozilla-thunderbird-switch-pop3-imap-email-account-exists Sun, 27 Jun 2021 14:51:17 +0000 Mozilla Thunderbird : Gmail account works fine but my Yahoo account always give error. https://fbanswer.com/58/mozilla-thunderbird-gmail-account-works-yahoo-account-error There are two account which I use in Mozilla Thunderbird since from a long time back. My Gmail account works fine with no errors sending and receiving is fine but on the other side my second account of Yahoo always gives error.<br /> <br /> I have updated the Mozilla Thunderbird but problem still there. How to get out of this error / issue. Email Support https://fbanswer.com/58/mozilla-thunderbird-gmail-account-works-yahoo-account-error Sun, 27 Jun 2021 14:41:42 +0000 Not able to decide which setting is best for Mozilla Thunderbird Pop3 or IMAP? https://fbanswer.com/57/decide-which-setting-best-mozilla-thunderbird-pop3-imap I use four devices to explore my emails daily and had two email accounts. Now I want to use Mozilla Thunderbird for my email accounts but while adding the account i got sucked which setting is best for the work Pop3 or IMAP. If any one knows that which setting is best and safe for my email accounts please let me know. Email Support https://fbanswer.com/57/decide-which-setting-best-mozilla-thunderbird-pop3-imap Sun, 27 Jun 2021 14:37:22 +0000 Unable to configure AT&T settings on Mozilla Thunderbird? https://fbanswer.com/56/unable-configure-%26-settings-mozilla-thunderbird I have lost my AT&amp;T settings of my email account. From where the settings can be fetched or accessed so that my email account get started again. Email Support https://fbanswer.com/56/unable-configure-%26-settings-mozilla-thunderbird Sun, 27 Jun 2021 14:27:01 +0000 Confused : not able to configure my email accounts on Mozilla Thunderbird. https://fbanswer.com/55/confused-configure-email-accounts-mozilla-thunderbird I have four email account with me. Two mail account are on pacbell.net one on gamil.com and last on snet.net. Now when I add the accounts on my &nbsp;Mozilla Thunderbird, accounts added but no email transferred. I know i am skipping one small step but now I am confused. Please guide which step have been missed by me. Email Support https://fbanswer.com/55/confused-configure-email-accounts-mozilla-thunderbird Sun, 27 Jun 2021 14:21:45 +0000 Error : I am not able to reset my Mozilla Thunderbird to its default settings. https://fbanswer.com/54/error-reset-mozilla-thunderbird-default-settings I am facing number of issues with my Mozilla Thunderbird and came to know that i have to reset the Mozilla Thunderbird. While I try to reset Mozilla Thunderbird every time its shows the error.<br /> I think I am missing something in the process. Email Support https://fbanswer.com/54/error-reset-mozilla-thunderbird-default-settings Sun, 27 Jun 2021 13:49:58 +0000 How can I automatically forward emails from a certain sender to my second gmail address in Mozilla Thunderbird? https://fbanswer.com/53/automatically-emails-sender-address-mozilla-thunderbird Whenever a certain sender mails me I want to automatically forward that email to my second gmail address and automatically deletes that mail from my first account. Please help. Email Support https://fbanswer.com/53/automatically-emails-sender-address-mozilla-thunderbird Sun, 27 Jun 2021 13:41:25 +0000 Day by day my Mozilla Thunderbird is getting slower. Sometimes it takes more than 10 mins to send a mail. https://fbanswer.com/52/day-day-mozilla-thunderbird-slower-takes-10-mins-send-mail There is a huge load on my Mozilla Thunderbird gmail account which i have added. I noticed that from some days Mozilla Thunderbird is getting slower in opening / booting even when i send messages / email it takes lot of time. I can't figure out the issue why this happens.<br /> <br /> Any suggestions that how can i make it fast like earlier it was. Email Support https://fbanswer.com/52/day-day-mozilla-thunderbird-slower-takes-10-mins-send-mail Sun, 27 Jun 2021 13:22:58 +0000 I am not able to send any emails from my Mozilla Thunderbird https://fbanswer.com/51/send-emails-mozilla-thunderbird Today I add a new account on my Mozilla Thunderbird and from that time i am not able to send any email to my business associates.<br /> <br /> First i think that I add the account on Mozilla Thunderbird with wrong settings so I delete that account but the issue still the same. No mail sent.<br /> <br /> I am confused that what the mistake I have done. Guide me regarding the issue. Email Support https://fbanswer.com/51/send-emails-mozilla-thunderbird Sun, 27 Jun 2021 13:10:51 +0000 How can I delete unnecessary messages from server Mozilla Thunderbird and from local machine? https://fbanswer.com/50/delete-unnecessary-messages-mozilla-thunderbird-machine I want to delete all unnecessary message from my Mozilla Thunderbird server and from local machine. Guide me the simple and fast way to do this task without effecting my other mail and folders. Email Support https://fbanswer.com/50/delete-unnecessary-messages-mozilla-thunderbird-machine Sat, 26 Jun 2021 17:59:24 +0000 My inbox folder is full and unable to delete files from inbox folder - Mozilla Thunderbird? https://fbanswer.com/49/inbox-folder-unable-delete-files-folder-mozilla-thunderbird New emails are not coming and I am stuck with this issue. I am not able to delete any file or not able to shift the files from my inbox folder and its full. How to clean it up. Its a huge loss for me and to my business. Any one can help. Email Support https://fbanswer.com/49/inbox-folder-unable-delete-files-folder-mozilla-thunderbird Sat, 26 Jun 2021 17:32:28 +0000 How can I copy all the settings of Mozilla Thunderbird? https://fbanswer.com/48/copy-settings-mozilla-thunderbird Is there any way that i can copy all the settings of Thunderbird like, pop s(mtp, mailserver, outgoing server, id , passwords ... bla bla bla). If possible please share. Email Support https://fbanswer.com/48/copy-settings-mozilla-thunderbird Sat, 26 Jun 2021 17:27:05 +0000 Unable to send messages from Thunderbird after update Mozilla Thunderbird. https://fbanswer.com/47/unable-send-messages-thunderbird-update-mozilla-thunderbird From yesterday i am not able to send messages from Thunderbird. This problem arise after i upgrade to Thunderbird78. Facing a huge problem please help and get me out. Email Support https://fbanswer.com/47/unable-send-messages-thunderbird-update-mozilla-thunderbird Sat, 26 Jun 2021 17:22:14 +0000 How to create Signature in Thunderbird? https://fbanswer.com/46/create-signature-thunderbird Since a long time i am using Thunderbird but not able to add signature to my account. If anyone know how to add signature please let me know about the process of adding that. Email Support https://fbanswer.com/46/create-signature-thunderbird Sat, 26 Jun 2021 17:13:45 +0000 unable to receive mails in thunderbird https://fbanswer.com/45/unable-receive-mails-thunderbird Since from last 3 days i am not able to receive my mails on Mozilla Thunderbird where on the other hand when i check my gmail account mails are coming. whats the issue. Email Support https://fbanswer.com/45/unable-receive-mails-thunderbird Sat, 26 Jun 2021 15:31:24 +0000 Thunderbird Trash Folder corrupt unable to delete mails https://fbanswer.com/44/thunderbird-trash-folder-corrupt-unable-delete-mails unable to delete mail files due to trash folder corruption. Email Support https://fbanswer.com/44/thunderbird-trash-folder-corrupt-unable-delete-mails Sat, 26 Jun 2021 15:27:34 +0000 Moving Thunderbird Data Files to Windows 11 https://fbanswer.com/43/moving-thunderbird-data-files-windows-11 Very soon i am planning to upgrade to windows 11. Before upgrading to windows 11 i would like to figure out that how to copy my entire Thunderbird Data to Windows 11 and will it be safe and works fine. Guide for the same and thanks in advance... Email Support https://fbanswer.com/43/moving-thunderbird-data-files-windows-11 Sat, 26 Jun 2021 15:14:39 +0000 How to take backup of Thunderbird email accounts to a external drive or on a flash drive https://fbanswer.com/42/backup-thunderbird-email-accounts-external-drive-flash-drive I am using Windows 10 and need to create a full backup of my Thunderbird email account to a external drive or on a flash drive. Email Support https://fbanswer.com/42/backup-thunderbird-email-accounts-external-drive-flash-drive Sat, 26 Jun 2021 14:54:50 +0000 How can i copy Mozilla Thunderbird email profile to my new computer https://fbanswer.com/41/copy-mozilla-thunderbird-email-profile-computer Hi<br /> I bought a new pc and now i need to copy my Mozilla Thunderbird email profile from my old pc to my new pc. Please guide me how to do this task without any loss to my mails. Email Support https://fbanswer.com/41/copy-mozilla-thunderbird-email-profile-computer Sat, 26 Jun 2021 14:45:25 +0000 Blue screen of death (My Game Automatically Uninstalled from my PC) https://fbanswer.com/40/blue-screen-death-game-automatically-uninstalled-pc Whenever I tried to open my new game on my personal computer it gives Blue Screen error and my PC got restart and after restart the installed game got uninstalled automatically from my PC.<br /> Please Help and give solution Windows Support https://fbanswer.com/40/blue-screen-death-game-automatically-uninstalled-pc Fri, 25 Jun 2021 14:40:20 +0000 Error printing on HP9F1BE6 (HP Envy 4520 series) https://fbanswer.com/23/error-printing-hp9f1be6-hp-envy-4520-series It stopped working, HP tool didn’t fix it, I uninstalled it and now it won’t reinstall. I’ve tried downloading new drivers and they seemed to go through but still doesn’t work.<br /> screenshot attached<br /> <br /> <a href="http://prntscr.com/tot6j8" rel="nofollow">http://prntscr.com/tot6j8</a><br /> <a href="http://prntscr.com/tot6n4" rel="nofollow">http://prntscr.com/tot6n4</a> Windows Support https://fbanswer.com/23/error-printing-hp9f1be6-hp-envy-4520-series Sun, 26 Jul 2020 15:51:04 +0000 Facebook is tagging all photos when trying to upload a new one https://fbanswer.com/17/facebook-tagging-photos-when-upload Help! Has this happened to anyone else? Why is this happening? FB is tagging all the accounts photos when trying to upload a new one Facebook Support https://fbanswer.com/17/facebook-tagging-photos-when-upload Tue, 21 Jan 2020 02:07:19 +0000 Unable to reset the password of my Fb account https://fbanswer.com/16/unable-reset-password-fb-account Help me to reset my pasword forget email n phone no ecces help me my new email *Emails are not allowed* Facebook Support https://fbanswer.com/16/unable-reset-password-fb-account Tue, 21 Jan 2020 01:16:12 +0000 Unable to upload any file on the facebook group https://fbanswer.com/15/unable-upload-file-facebook-group I am the admin for a FB group and there is not a file tab (missing) on the left side and unable to upload any files to the group. &nbsp;Any suggestions? Facebook Support https://fbanswer.com/15/unable-upload-file-facebook-group Tue, 21 Jan 2020 01:06:36 +0000 Unable to complete two factor authentication as to login on Facebook https://fbanswer.com/14/unable-complete-factor-authentication-login-facebook Hello! My Husband got a new phone yesterday and it logged him out of his FB on ALL devices. He has the Two Factor Authentication set up but he is unable to access his code generator as he is unable to log into FB on any other device AND the SMS text FB sends to the phone on file is not working either. We have uploaded his ID and even had him take a picture with the code they requested and sent it in and still nothing. Does anyone have ANY insight as to where to go from here as FB doesn't have Tech Support or Customer service. &nbsp;TIA Facebook Support https://fbanswer.com/14/unable-complete-factor-authentication-login-facebook Sat, 18 Jan 2020 13:18:04 +0000 Notification issue https://fbanswer.com/13/notification-issue Event Notifications from my friend John Casey never show up and stay hidden even when I follow him or have notifications turned on. Why am I having this problem with receiving and seeing event notifications from this person even when following him and having notifications turned on? I don't have this problem with other friends only with him. What the hek is going on? This has been happening forever now. Facebook Support https://fbanswer.com/13/notification-issue Sat, 18 Jan 2020 12:36:12 +0000 Facebook page related issue https://fbanswer.com/12/facebook-page-related-issue hi iv set up a new page,, offered me credit.. i agreed... HOWEVER i'm being billed without stating i want to be billed.... &nbsp;&nbsp;please help as my messages arent been replied to. Facebook Support https://fbanswer.com/12/facebook-page-related-issue Sat, 18 Jan 2020 11:22:10 +0000 My Facebook Page has been disappeared https://fbanswer.com/11/facebook-page-disappeared Today when I login to www.facebook.com/25dollarsupport I dont see my page it has simply disappeared i dont see any option to contact facebook page support. Kindly provide a solution how do I get my page back Facebook Support https://fbanswer.com/11/facebook-page-disappeared Thu, 16 Jan 2020 16:23:01 +0000 Facebook account disabled https://fbanswer.com/10/facebook-account-disabled I really hope someone can help!<br /> On 9th Jan my account was temporarily disable for 3 days. It took almost a week and messaging back and forth before they set my profile live again, including my business page.<br /> My problem now is that it won't let me log in! So I'm in a worse position as I'll have customers messaging etc and I can't log in to reply.<br /> This is what happens when I try. I have also tried logging in on a browser, and changing passwords etc. Facebook Support https://fbanswer.com/10/facebook-account-disabled Thu, 16 Jan 2020 11:34:08 +0000 Unable to confirm my identity on my Facebook account https://fbanswer.com/9/unable-confirm-identity-facebook-account I'm trying to confirm my identity via Facebook. The image uploader requests an image of the front and back of my license. I upload the PERFECTLY centered and cropped image and I get this error:<br /> <br /> Error notice<br /> <br /> It looks like your photo has too much blank space. The ID should take up the majority of the photo. Please try uploading another one.<br /> <br /> The back of my ID is white with a black bar. Other than that I can't figure out what it is complaining about and I can't find a way to send the ID any other way to Facebook.<br /> Suggestions? Facebook Support https://fbanswer.com/9/unable-confirm-identity-facebook-account Sat, 04 Jan 2020 11:44:09 +0000 Facebook account has hacked by someone https://fbanswer.com/8/facebook-account-hacked My other Facebook was hacked in October and ive spent a long time trying to get it back<br /> The hacker changed the password and i no longer have the old phone number or email<br /> <br /> The email was a school and my phone number changed a very long time ago<br /> <br /> And i have no clue what to do i tried everything I can think of Facebook Support https://fbanswer.com/8/facebook-account-hacked Wed, 01 Jan 2020 11:02:52 +0000 How to login and get access to my second Facebook account? https://fbanswer.com/7/login-access-facebook-account Recently I have open second facebook account .<br /> After a day used and i was requested to upload a photo of myself. However, instead of taking a photo from camera, i mistakenly upload a duplicate of my profile photo. After re-login my account, it showed ''you cannot use facebook at the moment.We're currentIy reviewing your submission. We are always looking out for the security of our community, so untill then.You won't be able to use Facebook.''<br /> I did not received any notification via handphone or email from Facebook.<br /> <br /> May I know what can i do and how long shall I wait and hope that there is a way to re-verify my account.<br /> <br /> I really hope that i can get back my second account as soon as posibble. Thank you very much. Facebook Support https://fbanswer.com/7/login-access-facebook-account Tue, 31 Dec 2019 15:05:10 +0000 How to recover my Facebook account? https://fbanswer.com/6/recover-facebook-account How do I get my account back my phone number has been changed I can't get my code to unlock my account can someone help me tell me what I can do to get my account back thanks. Facebook Support https://fbanswer.com/6/recover-facebook-account Tue, 31 Dec 2019 12:31:21 +0000 Block someone from my Facebook Page completely https://fbanswer.com/5/block-facebook-page-completely Can I block someone and remove them from my Facebook page Completely?<br /> <br /> If someone knows then kindly help me out to resolve this issue as well. Facebook Support https://fbanswer.com/5/block-facebook-page-completely Tue, 31 Dec 2019 12:02:48 +0000 Account blocked from sharing on Facebook https://fbanswer.com/4/account-blocked-sharing-facebook Why has my wife been blocked for posting on groups for over a month it has damaged her business . She is being bullied which is being investigated by the police but yet Facebook doing nothing with them they don’t go against community standards isn’t hate speech and disability comments against the rules but yet all these individuals still got over 20 groups on here between them , more than one profile each plus iv been removed as her husband on her profile and she can’t find me who does that .<br /> Has her account been hacked if so can someone sort it out as the police are now investigating all of the bullies and her account Facebook Support https://fbanswer.com/4/account-blocked-sharing-facebook Mon, 30 Dec 2019 14:55:58 +0000 Account hacked and unable to recover it. https://fbanswer.com/3/account-hacked-unable-recover I am getting an issue that My Fb account was hacked and the email address was changed. I am unable to &nbsp;login.Can someone help me to recover my Facebook &nbsp;account.<br /> Please help me to get rid off this terrible situation with an apposite solution. Facebook Support https://fbanswer.com/3/account-hacked-unable-recover Mon, 30 Dec 2019 14:20:17 +0000 Lost my admin control over my Fb page https://fbanswer.com/2/lost-admin-control-fb-page I am a Facebook user and I have my own page on Facebook to which I am unable to get access and make changes.<br /> i have been managing it for 1 yr, I suddenly lost my admin role and I cant get any access to it, what to do??? I am the only admin for the page, I can still find the page via the fb searcher but unable to edit it at all.<br /> <br /> Kindly help me to resolve this issue. Facebook Support https://fbanswer.com/2/lost-admin-control-fb-page Mon, 30 Dec 2019 12:41:52 +0000 How to increase security in my facebook account https://fbanswer.com/1/increase-security-facebook-account How to increase security in my facebook account, I want no one to hack my account and it should be access in my pc and in my phone only Facebook Support https://fbanswer.com/1/increase-security-facebook-account Fri, 29 Nov 2019 16:35:34 +0000