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Facing problem with emails with my Inbox. The older mails automatically got disappear / deleted form my Inbox, I don't know why?

How can i fix that and recall all deleted / disappeared stuff back in Inbox.

Using OS : Windows 10

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  • Please go through the settings 

  • Right click on mail account name in Folder Pane and select 'Settings'
  • If pop select 'Disc Space'
  • If Imap select 'Synchronisation & storage'
  • select 'Don't delete any messages'
  • click on 'OK'
  • Right click on Inbox folder and select 'Properties'
  • click on 'Retention Policy' tab
  • make sure it says 'Use my account settings'
  • click on 'General Information' tab
  • Check to see if folder index is out of synch with actual storage,
  • click on 'Repair folder' button
  • click on 'OK'