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I have four email account with me. Two mail account are on pacbell.net one on gamil.com and last on snet.net. Now when I add the accounts on my  Mozilla Thunderbird, accounts added but no email transferred. I know i am skipping one small step but now I am confused. Please guide which step have been missed by me.

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It seems that you are skipping to set the configuration settings of your accounts. Please set all configuration settings  in your accounts. Configuration Settings of pacbell.net , gmail and snet.net as shown below.

1. pacbell.net

- Server: outbound.att.net.
- Port: 993 or 143.
- Security: SSL/TLS.
- Username: Your full email address.
- Password: Your password.

2. gmail.com

- Incoming Server Hostname: imap.gmail.com.
- Port: 993. 
- Authentication: Normal Password.
- Outgoing Server Hostname: smtp.gmail.com.
- Port: 465.
- Authentication: Normal Password.

3. snet.net

- Server Name = mail.bellsouth.net, or use the one in your email address (AT&T has many different domains)
- Port = 25 or 100 (This was supplied by my ISP/Mail)
- User Name and Password = Unchecked.
- Connection Security = None.