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There is a huge load on my Mozilla Thunderbird gmail account which i have added. I noticed that from some days Mozilla Thunderbird is getting slower in opening / booting even when i send messages / email it takes lot of time. I can't figure out the issue why this happens.

Any suggestions that how can i make it fast like earlier it was.

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Slowness of Thunderbird can be with different reasons. Some of the common reasons of slowness are as follows.

1. Due to Add-ons
2. Installed Themes 
3. Background Downloads
4. Antivirus Scanning
5. Virus/Malware
6. Updating of Software or Windows OS.

You can check all these step by step like., Disabling the Add-ons, Uninstalling the installed themes for Thunderbird, check background downloads if any, check antivirus scanning and for viruses on Windows, check for windows updates.

Hope it works for you.