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unable to delete mail files due to trash folder corruption.

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Access the Profile Folder from which you need to delete the messages

Secondly, in the top right corner of the screen, click on the Menu icon.

Then, navigate to the Help > Troubleshooting Information option.

It opens the Troubleshooting Information tab. Then, in the Application Basics tab, tap on the Open Folder button. Here, all the files associated with that profile will be displayed.

  • Now, exit the Mozilla Thunderbird software.
  • After that, navigate to File Manager, tap on the Mail folder/ImapMail folder (depending upon the type of account)
  • Next, access the folder with the incoming mail server name (pop.googlemail.com or imap.googlemail.com)
  • Here, select the MSF files separately or Trash and remove all email messages if Thunderbird won’t delete emails. 

Note– Some profiles are named as Deleted or Bin folder.

  • Finally, start the Thunderbird Application again.

If users have an IMAP account, Thunderbird will automatically generate a new Trash folder.

If users have a POP account, then tap on Folder List and right-click on the account name. Then, choose the New Folder option. Allocate Trash as a name to the new folder and hit on the Create Folder button. After that, confirm the creation of the new Trash folder.